5 - I Robot

I Robot che Asimov non ha mai conosciuto.

E dopo gli Angry Robot (come e perché possano essere arrabbiati non lo so) che hanno pubblicato Nexus e i suoi seguiti, ci sono questi. i Robot di Asimov avevano fatto conoscere la loro esistenza agli appassionati di fantascienza, ma non ci fu solo il Buon Dottore a scrivere di loro. Altri si sono cimentati nel raccontarne le gesta, immaginando e costruendo per loro perfino un'intera città.

Robot City

1 - Robot City - Book 1: Odyssey di Michael P. Kube-Mc Dowell - Prima pubblicazione Luglio 1987; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73122-8; $ 2.95; pg. 211

A young man awakens in an emergency escape pod finding himself on the surface of an asteroid and having no memory of his identity or how he ended up in this situation. He adopts the name 'Derec' from the name on his space suit, which he later finds out is only the suit's manufacturer. He is soon rescued by a colony of robots who are mining the asteroid in search of something hidden there. Their mission is surrounded in the utmost secrecy such that Derec is not told what they searching for nor allowed to communicate with the outside world. However, the robots send a message to their commander asking what to do and continue their work.

Derec has limited freedom to explore the subterranean operation and is amazed at the level of engineering design in the robots and their operation. Likewise, he begins to realize that he himself is well trained in robotics, both technically and psychologically (pertaining to the Three Laws of Robotics). Eventually, a passing alien pirate ship receives the robot's signal and attacks the colony. Due to the secrecy of the robot's mission, their orders dictate they must destroy themselves upon discovery. However, doing that would jeopardize Derec's life and thus the robots would be failing to obey the First Law of Robotics.

1 - Robot City - Libro primo: Odissea - Luglio 1991 n. 4.19 - Edgar Fantascienza, Interno Giallo

Un uomo si sveglia in un posto sconosciuto: ha perso la memoria e sta viaggiando su di un asteroide di ghiaccio. La sua sola possibilità di capire cosa fare è legata a una banda di robot che sta diligentemente ispezionando la superficie dell'asteroide alla ricerca di un misterioso oggetto. Il nome dell'uomo è Derec: tra varie peripezie, incontrerà una misteriosa compagna d'avventura, e il suo viaggio lo porterà in una strana città, differente da tutte quelle che vagamente ricorda: Una città-pianeta fantastica, un mondo che va al di là di ogni immaginazione, Robot City, una città abitata da soli robot.

2 - Robot City - Book 2: Suspicion di Mike McQuay Prima pubblicazione Settembre 1987; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73126-0; $ 2.95; pg. 177

Derec, who has amnesia, and Katherine have been transported to mysterious planet containing an experimental city entirely populated by robots. The only other human that had resided in the city was murdered several days before their arrival, which was by transport using a mysterious device called the Key of Perihelion. Because they wish to keep secret how they arrived in Robot City, the robots assume either Derec or Katherine committed the murder. Of course, a robot could not do so due to the First Law. Thus, Derec and Katherine must clear their names. Meanwhile, the city is growing and changed at an alarming rate. Buildings literally change right before their eyes. Derec learns the material the robots and the city itself is made of is the same highly advanced material that the robots of the asteroid he woke up on were made of, therefore connecting the two. The city is also plagued with nightly thunderstorms which produce a tremendous amount of rain. The city's reservoir is about to overflow, which would destroy the city.
While investigating the murder, they find a room at the top of the Compass Tower, the building on which they appeared when using the Key. The room is clearly used by the creator of Robot City to watch over the city without interfering or even being noticed by the rest of the city. While searching the Central Core's data with a security-free computer terminal in the room Derec secretly learns Katherine's name is an assumed name and is angered at her deceit. He also learns that the Central Core refers to him as David 1 while referring to the dead man as David 2, adding to his theory that none of his experiences since he woke up are merely coincidence.

2 - Robot City - Libro secondo: Sospetto - Luglio 1991 n. 5.20 - Edgar Fantascienza, Interno Giallo

Ancora senza memoria, Derec vaga su Robot City. Sempre con la presenza costante, ma quantomai indecifrabile, della sua compagna di viaggio, Katherine, l'unica a conoscere qualcosa sul suo passato, ma che per ragioni misteriose, non gliene parla. I giorni su Robot City saranno tutto un susseguirsi d'intrigo per Derec e Katherine, sospettati di delitto, saranno proprio loro ad indagare... e salvare Robot City.

3 - Robot City - Book 3: Cyborg di William F. Wu - Prima pubblicazione Novembre 1987; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73383-6; $ 2.95; pg. 157

Derec and Ariel are stranded on a mystery planet in an experimental city entirely populated by robots. Because Robot City has no spaceport, space ships or any way to radio for help, their only hope is to find the Key of Perihelion, an advanced transporting device that brought them to Robot City, and use it to transport elsewhere. While searching the city for clues, they learn the robots have taken the Key to a large building, but they cannot gain access into the building. Ariel distracts the security robot while Derec sneaks in to and learns the robots have dismantled the original Key in order produce more. Derec is caught trying to steal one of the newly manufactured Keys and is taken to the supervisor robot. However, he was still able to hide one on his person. They learn a Key only works with the being (robot, human, or alien) who has initialized it and the robots are initializing all the Keys for robots.

In searching the Central Core for other options of self-rescue, they discover there are now three other unknown beings on the planet. Through interviewing random robots near sightings, they determine two of the three are a robot and a child, who is most likely starving due to the absence of food in an all robot city. They begin using their food replicator to produce food smells in hopes to attract the hungry visitor. It also involves a First Law priority to get the robots to help them search for the other inhabitants.

3 - Robot City - Libro terzo: Cyborg - Ottobre 1991 n. 7.32 - Edgar Fantascienza, Interno Giallo

Latita ancora la memoria in Derec, l'unica presenza costante al suo fianco, su Robot City, è lei, Katherine. Questa volta il tema dell'indagine sarà il rapporto tra uomo e macchina.

4 - Robot City - Book 4: Prodigy di Arthur Byron Cover Prima pubblicazione Gennaio 1988; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73384-4; $ 2.95; pg. 176

Derec, Ariel, their alien companion Wolruf, and Derec's robot Mandelbrot are still stranded on a mystery planet in an experimental city entirely populated by uniquely designed robots. Robot City has no spaceport, space ships or any way to radio for help, and the Keys of Perihelion being produced by the robots will only work with robots, not humans or aliens. Thus, they have all exhausted their options of escape and are searching for other methods to get off the otherwise uninhabited planet.

Though the city is designed by the robots to support a human population, its design had been merely functional and utilitarian, until a building suddenly appears on the horizon that starkly contrasts the city's mundane architecture. It is a brightly lit, tetragonal pyramid and seemingly serves no purpose other than an artistic one. This is exceptionally odd since neither of the humans designed it and robots are logically incapable of the abstract thinking needed for producing art. Derec, Ariel, Wolruf, and Mandelbrot rush to see it up close to find almost every other robot in the city has done the same. This fact produces a double conundrum as robots are also incapable of appreciating art or being emotionally moved by it, yet there they are.

4 - Robot City - Libro quarto: Prodigio - Novembre 1991 n. 8.39 - Edgar Fantascienza, Interno Giallo

Derec e Ariel sono ancora sull'asteroide di ghiaccio.

Un killer robot sarà il mistero più pericoloso.

5 - Robot City - Book 5: Refuge di Rob Chilson - Prima pubblicazione Marzo 1988; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73385-2; $ 2.95; pg. 163

Derec, Ariel, their alien companion Wolruf, and Derec's robot Mandelbrot are still waiting in Dr. Avery's ship at the hyperspace relay star, Kappa Whale. Several weeks have passed since they arrived and no ship has shown up from which they could obtain navigation charts. Attempts to fix the hyperwave radio have proven futile due to the lack of knowledge of its workings. Boredom is setting in as well as an increased severity of Ariel's sickness. Something must be done.

Wolruf and Mandelbrot both agree Derec and Ariel should use the Key of Perihelion found on the ship to transport off the ship. Though, they don't know where they will be transported to, they assume back to Robot City. Upon activating the Key, they are transported to a small 2-room apartment, obviously not in Robot City. An old model robot in the apartment explains they are on Earth. Since Spacers aren't generally accepted on Earth, they immediately decide to make their way to a spaceport and leave for a Spacer world and medical care for Ariel. However, the nearest spaceport is in another city.

6 - Robot City - Book 6: Perihelion di William F. Wu - Prima pubblicazione Giugno 1988; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73388-7; $ 3.50; pg. 162

Derec, Ariel, their alien companion Wolruf, and Derec's robot Mandelbrot have returned to Robot City to convince Dr. Avery to remove the Chemfets he injected into Derec's blood while they were in his custody. From the top the Compass Tower they descend into the apartment on the uppermost floor. There they use the computer terminal to begin their search for the location of Dr. Avery, but have no luck.

Derec's condition is worsening quickly, so it is decided that Mandelbrot and Wolruf will enter the city and try to gain useful information. Wolruf being non-human and Mandelbrot being a robot allows them a bit of anonymity since Derek and Ariel would most certainly be noticed and reported.

Mandelbrot obtains a work assignment from the Central Computer and learns that all work is being automated to the point where it can be performed by "function robots", robots without positronic brains, after which only a skeleton crew of robots would be needed. All positronic robots have also been programmed with "Migration Programming" which is executed upon completion of their tasks, but Mandelbrot is unable to learn what Migration Programming is.

Macchecacchio: potevano pure avere completato la traduzione e pubblicazione degli ultimi due, vero?

Ci sono poi tre Omnibus con i numeri rispettivamente dei romanzi pubblicati.

Volumi 1-2

Prima pubblicazione Febbraio 1992; La cité des robots d'Isaac Asimov; J'ai Lu (J'ai Lu - Science Fiction #2573); ISBN 2-277-22573-8;; pg. 463; senza prezzo

Volumi 3-4

Prima pubblicazione Settembre 1990; La cité des robots d'Isaac Asimov; Cyborg; J'ai Lu (J'ai Lu - Science Fiction #2875); ISBN 2-277-22875-3;; pg. 434; senza prezzo

Volumi 5-6

Prima pubblicazione 2000; Isaac Asimov's Robot City 3; ibooks; ISBN 0-7434-0007-0; pg. 407; $ 14.00

Dovevano essere saghe brevi, ma parlando di robot... Avete notato che Asimov non ha mai inserito alieni nei suoi romanzi?

Possibile che milioni di mondi resi abitabili dagli uomini, e per gli uomini, non avessero avuto una vita di qualsiasi tipo prima di essere terraformati? Nemmeno una piccola forma di vita aliena?

Bene, per gli alieni ci hanno pensato loro: naturalmente su questo sito.

Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Robots and Aliens

1 - Changeling by Stephen Leigh - Prima pubblicazione Agosto 1989; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73127-9; $ 3.50; pg. 151

Derec must answer the call of a besieged city on an alien planet. His new challenge is to protect a fantastic metropolis of robots from wolf-like beings that stalk the perimeters and threaten its destruction! In Renegade, Ariel finds herself the sole human on a planet of positronic robots and an alien race of shocking intelligence. Can Derec and Ariel solve the mysteries of the robots and the aliens in time to stop an all-out-war?

2 - Renegade by Cordell Scotten - Prima pubblicazione Novembre 1989; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73128-7; $ 3.50; pg. 178

The machinery of Robot City goes awry, and Derec Avery sets out to eliminate the source of the reprogramming, and Alliance, in which Derec restores the original Robot City, but now faces three subversive

Ariel follows her lover, Derec, to a planet of robots, where Derec is summoned to solve the mystery of the robots and aliens before a robot war erupts

3 - Intruder by Robert Thurston - Prima pubblicazione Febbraio 1990; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73129-5; $ 3.50; pg. 195

Something is wrong with the original Robot City. Derec, Ariel, Wolruf and robots head back to that planet. When they arrive they find the streets deserted instead of busy with robot traffic, flaws in the buildings with further exploration they finally find Bogie a robot that spouts off lines from old movies, Timestep a dancing robot, and small human-like creatures. Unbeknownst to them WatchfulEye is the one that has taken control of the city, disabled the communication with Derec's chemfets and created the experiments that they chanced upon in the city.

4 - Alliance by Jerry Oltion - Prima pubblicazione Maggio 1990; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73130-9; $ 3.95; pg. 178

The WatchfulEye robot decides to name itself Lucius II after the robot in an earlier story that showed creativity. Lucius along with Adam and Eve are still developing, trying to determine what is human. At one point Lucius is following Avery around because of a need to obey the second law. Later on the silverside robots have again redefined human in their minds so that they obey what they want to obey. This story is about developing the characters of those three robots.Derec, Ariel, Avery, Wolruf and the robots (including Mandelbrot) leave the original Robot city planet to go to the planet of the Ceremyons. The ship runs into some trouble and I thought there was a clever solution.Also Derec started having memories of his mother.

5 - Maverick by Bruce Bethke - Prima pubblicazione Agosto 1990; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73131-7; $ 3.95; pg. 196

Derec Avery controls the web of robotic cities that are scattered throughout the universe, but these cities are not functioning like they should, and some of them are starting to become dangerous. Somebody else is manipulating them; it is Dr. Janet Anastasi, Derec's mother. In an unintended way, her interference is to the point of provoking a war between humans and aliens. A cataclysm is approaching and Derec has to find a means to avoid total destruction.

6 - Humanity by Jerry Oltion - Prima pubblicazione Novembre 1990; Ace Books; ISBN 0-441-73386-0; $ 3.95; pg. 177

Derec, Ariel, Wolruf, Avery and the robots return to the original robot city to find the city gone replaced by a verdant ecosystem. Separately Janet Anastasi also makes her way to the planet. While the others are relaxing Avery grabs the three robots that are in a communication fugue, puts them in a lab ensuring they won't get loose again and proceeds to get enough material so he can study it. A limb will do. He cuts it off, triggering a third law response, but the magnetic field Avery created increases crushing them and frying their brains.Derec rebuilds Adam, Eve and Lucius with spare parts and recordings. Later on he finally meets his mother. Just an introduction, not a reunion.More delving into the three laws. The robots trying to come up with their own laws of humanics and trying to define humanity. Wolruf has to decide whether to bring robots back to her planet or it they'd be better off without them.

E pure in questa serie ci sono tre Omnibus.

O1 - Isaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens 1

Con i romanzi 1 e 2

Prima pubblicazione Settembre 2001; ibooks; ISBN 0-7434-3474-9; $ 14.00; pg. 442

O2 - Isaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens 2

Con i romanzi 3 e 4

Prima pubblicazione Marzo 2002; ibooks; ISBN 0-7434-3513-3; $ 14.00; pg. 438

O3 - Isaac Asimov's Robots and Aliens 3

Con i romanzi 5 e 6

Prima pubblicazione Luglio 1994; Franc-tireur / Humanité; J'ai Lu (J'ai Lu - Science Fiction #3290) ; ISBN 2-277-23290-4 ; pg. 432; nessun prezzo e in francese. Bravi, senza dubbio meglio degli editori italiani

E poi ci furono i Robots del tempo passato.

Isaac Asimov's - Robots in Time

Robots in Time di Isaac Asimov è una serie di sei romanzi di fantascienza che presentano Le tre leggi della robotica di Isaac Asimov. Scritte dall'autore americano William F. Wu come romanzi per giovani adulti, furono le prime serie autorizzate a usare l'universo immaginario di Asimov dopo la sua morte nel 1992.

Tutti i romanzi di William F. Wu

Set on Earth, it tells the story of the Governors, a series of state-of-the-art administrative robots. Each Governor is physically composed of six smaller units and is responsible for single-handedly directing the operations of a human-inhabited city. When the Governor robots begin to fail mysteriously, Mojave Center (MC) Governor acts to protect his own existence by separating into his components and traveling into the remote past to escape disassembly.

MC Governor is not aware, however, that the time travel method used alters its molecular structure, with the result that his components explode via nuclear blasts when they reach the moment in which they were originally altered. A team composed of three humans and one robot embarks on a series of missions to the past to retrieve the robots before they can alter history. Opposing their efforts are a renegade roboticist and his robot companion, who seek to track down the Governors in order to solve the problem of their mysterious failure before their team can.

Books in the series

  1. Predator (1993) - A new robot named Hunter assembles a team of humans and journeys to the age of dinosaurs to find the first component robot, MC 1, before his actions in the late Cretaceous alter the course of Earth's zoology.
  2. Marauder (1993) - Hunter pursues MC 2 to 17th-century Port Royal, Jamaica, in the time of privateers and buccaneers.
  3. Warrior (1993) - Hunter and his team travel to Germany in the year 9 to stop MC 3 from interfering at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, a turning point in the history of the Roman Empire.
  4. Dictator (1994) - Hunter tracks MC 4 in the World War II-era Soviet Union, shortly before the German army invades during the Battle of Moscow.
  5. Emperor (1994) - MC 5 is followed to 13th-century China, where Hunter and his team meet the Manchu Emperor Kublai Khan and traveler Marco Polo.
  6. Invader (1994) - In the final installment, the team travels to southern Britain to capture MC 6 in 459-in the time when a man named Artorius (King Arthur) led the Celts in war against the invading Saxons.

1 - Predator - Prima pubblicazione Aprile 1993; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76510-1; $ 4.99; pg. 244

An experimental robot and a team of human experts are on the trail of a renegade robot that has broken itself down into six pieces and launched them into the past. The team must retrieve all the pieces before the human past--and its future--is changed.

2 - Marauder - Prima pubblicazione Luglio 1993; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76511-X; $ 4.99; pg. 243

An experimental robot named Hunter and his team of human experts must find and disable the MC Governor robot, which is lost in an age of pirates and cutthroats, before it can destroy all humankind.

3 - Warrior - Prima pubblicazione Ottobre 1993; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76512-8; $ 4.99; pg. 228

MC Governor, the largest and smartest robot ever built, knew its destruction was imminent. It used the Third Law of Robotics-A robot must protect its own existence-to break itself down into six smaller robots and scatter them throughout Earth's past. It didn't realize that time travel would cause a change in its molecular structure. Now, if the robot's six parts are not found and returned to their own time, they will explode in a nuclear inferno, destroying humanity's future forever! Only an experimental robot named Hunter and his team of human experts can find and disable the MC Governor robot lost in the chaos of the Roman Empire's collapse. Their target is a robot who will risk all of history to escape them. A robot turned warrior.

4 - Dictator - Prima pubblicazione Febbraio 1994; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76514-4; $ 4.99; pg. 230

A robot named Hunter and a team of three human experts travel back into time to World War II to stop a time-traveling renegade robot before he destroys the future of humanity.

5 - Emperor - Prima pubblicazione Giugno 1994; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76515-2; $ 4.99; pg. 227

Attempting to recover the fifth component of a renegade robot, Hunter and his team travel through time to ancient China, where they are thwarted by Dr. Wayne Nystrom, creator of the robot, who is determined to retrieve it himself.

6 - Invader - Prima pubblicazione Settembre 1994; AvoNova; ISBN 0-380-76516-0; $ 4.99; pg. 229

The team travels to southern Britain to capture MC 6 in 459-in the time when a man named Artorius (King Arthur) led the Celts in war against the invading Saxons.

E un Omnibus, francese questa volta.

O1 - L'âge des dinosaures / Les pirates des Antilles

Con i seguenti racconti:

1 - Avant-propos (L'âge des dinosaures / Les pirates des Antilles) • essay

2 - La vision d'un robot • short fiction by Isaac Asimov (trans. of Robot Visions 1990)

3 - L'âge des dinosaures • [Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time • 1] • novel (trans. of Predator)

4 - Les pirates des Antilles • [Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time • 2] • novel (trans. of Marauder)

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